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Come discover what makes the inhabitants of this region so welcoming!

AT THE HEART OF SASKATCHEWAN'S FRANCOPHONE CULTURECome discover what makes the inhabitants of this region so welcoming!

Jennie Baudais et Soraya Ellert, Bellevue, Saskatchewan

St. Isidore-de-Bellevue

St-Isidore-de-Bellevue is a 1-hour drive from Saskatoon. Its inhabitants are the proud descendants of French-speakers from Quebec, Acadia as well as Métis families born and raised in the area.


Domremy takes its name from the village in France where Joan of Arc was born. This proud French colony carries with it the dreams of many pioneers from France and elsewhere.


The village of St. Louis sits on the edge of the South Saskatchewan River and counts among its pioneers the first Métis families in the area.


The Center francophone BDS is proud to represent the Fransaskois communities of St. Isidore-de-Bellevue, Domremy and St Louis. Our region is one of the largest rural Francophone concentrations in Saskatchewan. We are located an hour drive northeast of Saskatoon and only 30 minutes south of Prince Albert. Our region is crossed by the South Saskatchewan River and is made up of rolling farmland and small lakes.

Our ancestors settled in 1871 in this region known nationally and internationally as the site of a decisive battle in 1885 between the Métis people and the armed troops of the Canadian government. The spirit of independence and resistance of these first inhabitants still characterizes the Fransaskois residents living today in this beautiful agricultural region.

Our ancestors would be proud to see that our region has remained a bilingual and dynamic place where life is good. We are proud of our distinct culture which goes back to our Quebec, Acadian, French and Métis roots, proud to belong to the Fransaskois community of Saskatchewan. We invite you to come and discover for yourself what makes the inhabitants of our region so friendly and our heritage so unique!

Proud of our French & Métis heritage

To learn the local history of our ancestors


Calamity Jane performing in St. Louis on February 22nd.

The Legend of Calamity Jane will be performing at the River Road Pizzeria in St. Louis, Saskatchewan on February 22 starting at 7pm. Come and discover the wonderful voices and songs of sisters Annette and Michelle Campagne. This is a show you won’t want to miss!

Tickets can be purchased at the door or contact Nicolette at 306-220-8649 for advance tickets.

River Road Festival is an annual event that takes place every August 5th in Bellevue. You’re sure to hear concerts from a whole range of guest artists. Come and have fun with us! To find out more or to book your tickets, click on the link.

International Women's Day in Bellevue

You are all invited to the Bellevue Community Hall on March 6, 2024 to celebrate International Women’s Day with MÉLANIE GAREAU, author of the book “Why me, What now?”. 

For more information or to reserve your tickets, contact Krystle Pratt at 306.233.8068 or click on the link.

Trail of the Fransaskois legend

The new Bellevue Historical Park recounts the beginnings of this community established around 1875 by Métis and French-Canadian families. The wood sculptures of the Gareau brothers make certain historical figures larger than life!

Le Rendez-vous Community Center

Savor a delicious poutine at the friendly bistro, then cross the hall to access the cultural center where you can admire the magnificent wood carvings of the Gareau Brothers. Take a look at the local products on sale at the Centre's boutique and then go out to explore the "Trail of the Fransaskois legend"

Giant Pea Plant

The Gaudet family has been involved in the split pea trade since the 1940s. This 31 foot high giant metal sculpture of a pea plant was erected near the center of Bellevue in recognition of the importance of peas as a major crop in that region.

Statue of Saint Joan of Arc

Come and admire the magnificent bronze statue of Saint Joan of Arc brandishing her standard which is located at the foot of the magnificent church of Domremy.

Batoche National Historical Park

Batoche National Historical Park lets you travel back in time to chat with a 19th-century Métis settler about life on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River as it once was.

Old village of Bellevue

Paul-Émile Gaudet built the old village of Bellevue in miniature during the 1960s. Aurèle Gareau reconditioned the buildings in the 2000s. Gérald Gareau repaired the same buildings in 2020-2021.

Cinematic route

The village of St. Louis invites you to come and discover 34 historical points of interest in this rich Métis region, including Fort Gros Ventre and the ferry at St. Laurent de Grandin.

Wakaw Lake Regional Park

A few kilometers from Domremy, you will find the sandy beach and the children's playground of Wakaw Lake, a place favored by the French-speaking people of the province.

Bellevue Cross

The Bellevue cross was erected at the top of the Bellevue hill.


L'eau Vive - Fransaskois News


Twelve months a year, we offer a selection of French magazines for all tastes, books for children and adults, as well as films. Do not hesitate to come and say hello to us at the Rendez-Vous so that we can suggest books and films for you and your children!

Here is a list of all of our services.


Choice of cards, religious objects, small gifts, local crafts

Magazines and books

Selection of magazines and books in French (for children and adults)

Translation and text correction service

Translation and text correction service

Free internet access

Free internet access for all members

Fax and photocopies

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Historical interpretations

Come and discover the history of the region

Outdoor museum

The public is invited to discover the historical park of Bellevue

Exercise center

Open Monday to Thursday; please contact us to book a time

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We would like to thank everyone who contributed photos and videos to our new website! As some photos were found online, it was not always possible to obtain permission from the photographers and videographers. If anyone would like us to remove specific photos, or add a credit to your photo, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Center francophone BDS office.

We would particularly like to thank the following contributors:

Mark Poppen, Bellevue Archives, Jennie Baudais, Laurier Gareau, Nicolette Tournier, Paul Gareau, Sylvie Gaudet, Daniel Houle, The Saskatchewan Historical Society, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, L’Eau Vive.


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